David T., Oakland, CA

I’ve been to many car audio places in my lifetime, but i have never been to a place more unique than this place. Not only is the store layout is nice, but they are very helpful, i always speak to Jim or Kenny when i step foot in here, they carry a lot of high end items which is lovely.  They are always willing to help which is very good. Most shops don’t want to help and always try to rip you a new asshole with their crazy prices, but not over here, they are willing to explain everything and help you to their full knowledge.  The first time i came here, Kenny showed me around the shop and got damn they do some crazy custom stuff. When i had problem with my G35, they looked it over and helped me out for free without charge. They let me test stuff without even hassling me.  I feel very comfortable inside this store, no hassle, NOTHING.

This store is very clean, very professional and best of all HELPFUL.

When you step foot in here, you can speak to anyone and they will help, whether its Jim, Kenny, or the installers, you can speak to the girls too, but i doubt it will be car related.

While you are at it, ask for a demonstration of the extremely nice cars they have inside the stores.

Again, 5 stars for one of the best car audio store around the bay area.

David T., Oakland, CA

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